Zoënergy is ‘transformative energy’ — the term is based on the Greek word for life: Zoë/Ζωή.

In ancient Greek, there were two different words for “life”: bios and zoë. As Lewis Hyde explains in The Gift: “Bios is limited life, characterized life, life that dies. Zoë is the life that endures; but it requires the sacrifice of bios-life.  Or in the words of Bob Dylan: “He not busy being born is busy dying.

I work with teams to create transformative energy – to purge and expel the negative energy and create positive energy, leading to new life and new growth.
Often teams try to create the new without discarding the old. This creates overload, confusion and paralysis.

An example of zoënergy is the transformation of grapes into wine. In the autumn we harvest, then jump on, squeeze and discard the grapes to create wine for the future and rejuvenate the vines for the next year.

…just as we need to rejuvenate our business to build our plans for 2011.